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Need Help? Call: (905) 761-8930
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Stainless Burner Steel Lids for Backyard Patio Fire Tables

Protect your BACKYARD PATIO FIRE PIT OR table with a stainless-steel fire pit cover.

Our Elementi Stainless Steel fire pit lid accessories add protection and longevity to your outdoor fire pit. Our Elementi Fire Pit Stainless Steel Lid provides protection from the outdoor weather elements such as rain or snow.  Our backyard fire pit lid covers, are designed specifically for use with various Elementi fire pit and table models, keeping moisture away from the pit.


The Elementi  Burning Stump Fire Pit cover is made from high-quality metal that is easy to clean.  Our backyard patio Stainless Steel heater cover are weather resistant and can withstand snow, wind, sun and dirt to make sure the burner and fire ring stays protected in harsh weather conditions, whether your fire pit is in your backyard, patio, deck, porch or lawn.


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